ATV Tours Phuket Thailand

Your Guide to Phuket ATV Tours

Why not try a new way of exploring the natural tropical terrain of Phuket and Phang Nga province. ATV (All terrain vehicles) or quad Bike tours offer a unique experience to cover large amounts of ground in comfort while enjoying the action and adventure of the ATV. The tours travel through local villages, rubber plantations, farms, and scenic waterfalls, making the most of the unspoiled natural environment.

Tours typically take between 1 and 4 hours depending on the distance covered. It is becoming increasingly popular to combine activities with the ATV tour, such as the Ride and raft program. the Ride and raft program combines the best elements of ATV tours with the added adventure of white water rafting. The Ride and raft tours split the activities with a buffet lunch offering a mixture of western and local Thai cuisine.

All terrain vehicles are inherently dangerous that is why tour companies take great care to ensure the personal safety of the riders. All riders are required to take a safety course, pre ride safety instruction and watch an educational film about safety. Tour groups are in constant contact with home base incase of any mechanical problems. Each of the tour guides is a highly trained professional capable of dealing with any issues that may arise.