Fantasea Tours Phuket Thailand

Your Guide to Phuket Fantasea

The Phuket Fantasea show is created by safari world, Thailands most popular zoo and Leisure Park. The Phuket Fantasea show offers the ultimate night time entertainment, a unique experience showcasing the charm and beauty of Thailand.

The Phuket Fantasea show displays the exotic heritage of Thailand amongst a world of cutting edge special effects and animal acrobatics. The 140 acre complex is packed with a multitude of activities including a Carnival Village with carnivals, electronic games, Thai handicrafts shops and a restaurant with over 4,000 seats offering a grand traditional Thai buffet. One of the stage shows features a Las Vegas style theatrical show, with world class special effects to enhance the visual beauty of Thailand's Mysteries and Magic.

One of the main features of the Phuket Fantasea show is the magnificent Palace of the Elephants show, with seating for approximately 3000 persons. The show is set amongst a Sukhothai era stone palace, with stunning elephant statues displaying the magnificent of ancient Thai culture.

One of the other main features of Phuket Fantasea is the Similan Entertainment Centre, an area that is littered with arcade centres, boutique shopping and marine inspired architecture, fun for all the family.

The Phuket Fantasea show was build and developed for a cost of over 3,500 million Baht, the Phuket Fantasea show represents a whole new concept in theme park entertainment, ideal for families.