Snorkelling Tours Phuket Thailand

Your Guide to Phuket Snorkelling Tours

The warm and tropical waters of the Andaman Sea are perfect for snorkelling. Phuket Island is surrounded by clear, calm, warm waters, teaming with colourful marine life; the best time for snorkelling is between November and April when the sea is at its most calm.

On most beaches it is possible to rent snorkelling equipment for very low cost, it is considered by many to be the first step towards scuba diving. The warm water temperature 27-28�C means that snorklers have no need to use wet suits, although we always recommend that snorklers wear t-shirts to guard against sun burn.

The first experience of snorkling is a very special one, floating amongst coral reefs surrounded by colourful tropical fish and marine life. Snorkeling is actually the best way to views marine life as scuba diving tanks create oxygen bubbles that can scare the fish away.

The vast majority of Phuket�s beaches have sandy floors making visibility difficult, the best places for snorkelling are coral reefs and rocky areas. At most sites the quality of visibility and marine life is best when the tide in , the deeper water brings in more fish and it makes rocky areas easier to navigate.