White Water Rafting Tours Phuket Thailand

Your Guide to Phuket White Water Rafting Tours

White Water Rafting is relatively new to Thailand, the conditions are particularly good in the months from June to November as a result of the increased rain fall. The white water rafting tour takes you to the lush tropical province of Phang Nga for an action packed ride along the forest lined mountain river. One thing to remember is that you must be prepared for some strenuous exercise and the inevitable cold water splash.

Also included in the White Water Rafting is the Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary waterfall and an outstanding elephant ride through the tropical unspoiled jungle. The White Water Rafting tour includes hotel transfers, a trip to the Phang Nga Wildlife Breeding Centre, a visit to the Ton Patiwat Wildlife Sanctuary, elephant trekking, and a complementary lunch. All of which serves to create an outstanding and unforgettable day out.

To ensure the safety of the white water rafting participants there is a rating system that displays the core elements of white water rafting, skill levels, scenery, and excitement.

Level one: Easy. Slow flowing waters, ideal for children and the elderly
Level two: Natural. Rippled water, requires basic athleticism
Level three: Hard. Small rapids, requires safety training.
Level four: Difficult. Fast flowing water, strong paddling abilities required.
Level five: Very Difficult. Experience required, rapids and fast flowing water, safety awareness required.
Level six: Extreme. Very fast moving water, rock obstructions, small waterfalls, requires advanced rafting skills.